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A proprietary process designed for pre-retirees/retirees and their families, often
the “millionaire next door” and successful business owners and professionals,
who aspire to achieve financial independence and a work-optional lifestyle

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Empowered Financial Management is a local company in the Madison, Wisconsin community that has focused mission seeking to make a large impact. Through the Empowered Solution, our experts design retirement plans for pre-retirees that, who among other things, aspire to achieve financial independence and a work-optional lifestyle.


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We utilize the Empowered Solution, a proprietary process designed for pre-retirees and their families –
primarily a group of successful business owners, professionals, and the “millionaire next door” – that focuses on the entire retirement plan versus only investments and income planning.

Empowered Financial Management is a locally owned and operated company founded by retirement and investment specialists. We engage high quality, independent wealth managers who specialize in significantly reducing risk during times of volatility, while capturing a large majority of the gains of the upside. This strategy allows our clients to secure a better, and worry-free, retirement.

Helping you meet your financial needs is our FIRST priority. We’re happy to meet with you when it is most convenient for you.

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When meeting with pre-retirees and retirees, we often find that they did not have a complete plan that includes all six pillars of retirement: income plan, investment plan, tax plan, health & long-term care plan, legacy plan, and a fiduciary advisor. They often had an investment plan, but did not have a written income plan, did not have a clear picture of their tax situation before, during, or even after retirement, could not list 2-3 hedges they were utilizing to hedge healthcare costs, and more. This was a serious problem – but what was even more serious is that these pre-retirees and retirees were not aware that they even had a problem!

This is why we created the Empowered Solution, a proprietary process that covers every piece of the retirement puzzle. Planning in retirement should be proactive, not reactive. Unknowing mistakes may cause you to run out of money, have the legacy you leave for your beneficiaries spent within two years, leave your spouse in higher income bracket with less net income, pay higher medical bills than expected, or many other critical issues.

Our strategies focus on low-risk and low-volatility investments. Empowered Financial Management’s philosophy is to focus on the preservation of wealth during both the accumulation and distribution stages of retirement planning. We are not product driven, but rather show our clients how to be defensive in bad times and opportunistic in good times.

We understand that the Empowered Solution is not for everyone. In fact, we get to know you and allow you to get to know us before any decisions are made; we take the time necessary so we both evaluate if the Empowered Solution is the right fit for your situation. This is a lifelong relationship, so this is important to us, just as we know it is important to you.

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